Whisky bottle and two glasses with Christmas tree

Clergy Malt Club @ Christmas

Clergy Malt Club is an inclusive, welcoming online community of church workers at Christmas.

The first rule of Clergy Malt Club is that people working in church over Christmas may have a little drink if they like and share it on social media.

All denominations are welcome.

After your last service on Christmas Eve (in whatever media that happened!), clergy/pastors/people involved, relax with a drink of your choice—single malts are encouraged but any drink, alcoholic or not, is fine*.

Take a photo and post it with the hashtag #clergyMaltClub to your social media channel of choice and chat with whoever is around.

X (formerly Twitter)




Go into all the world, good people.

* We really do mean the any drink thing—the point is the hanging out with people, not the drink.